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Persons with disability suffer from both social and mental ostracization. Neglect and poverty accentuate disability by depriving them of all social and economic opportunities that includes health, education and employment.
According to the Census 2001, there are 2.19 crore people with disabilities in India who constitute 2.13 per cent of the total population. Seventy five per cent of persons with disabilities live in rural areas, 49 per cent of disabled population is literate and only 34 per ce


Currently, BCT works with 663 children and 361 adults through community based and institutional based rehabilitation.

a) Providing access to physiotherapy by establishing a well equipped physiotherapy regional centre with managed qualified people. As per need, Specialist care treatment and income generation activities are factored in.

b) For institutional based rehabilitation, qualified technical persons to man it, in consonance with norms of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI); upkeep chi

Geographic Location

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Number of Beneficiaries


Financial Information

Funding Duration: April 2014 to March 2015
Total Budget: Rs.3,450,800
Funding Requested: Rs.2,760,000
Contribution by Organisation: Rs. 690,800

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Qualitative Outcome Indicators

1. Build awareness and sensitivity on challenged persons in the area. BCT was the first organization in the region to start rehabilitation of the Challenged persons.

2. Attitude of parents and community members towards differently challenged person has changed from 'of no use' to 'capable of do any productive activities'. Now that differently challenged have key stake in family and village development initiatives.

3. By getting known to disabled rights & responsibilities, differently able people are availing the government services.

4. Differently challenged persons have their association at village, Mandal and at district level and are working on getting more rights.

Quantitative Outcome Indicators

1. BCT facilitated in getting disability certificates covering 1600 members and this has enabling them in getting various welfare schemes.

2. 468 Polio corrective surgeries were done and are provided with requisite aids and appliances. Of the polio surgeries cases, with due motivation 115 children have pursed education beyond 10th class and 250 children have completed primary or part way through secondary education.

3. 80 polio children and 40 hearing impaired children have undergone vocational training in tailoring and are in gainful employment. On completing tailoring training 120 children are in gainful employment and are earning from Rs. 3,000/- to 8,000/- per month and are supporting their families.

4. 95 candidates could get in to government services and 20 of them in to private services. About 60 members are taking part in NREG works being implemented in their villages.

5. 2 Challenged persons were facilitated in getting their B. Ed in Special Education and one of them is a Mandal Resource Person for Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.


I certify that the information in this proposal is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also certify that the organization and I will abide by the terms and conditions of the grant/fund as established by granter/funder. I further certify that all received funds/grants will be used exclusively for the purpose stated in this proposal unless I normally request and receive prior authorization from funder for any changes. Further, I understand that if the funding is granted for the project described above it will be for an initial period of ONE year and can be extended, if necessary, by renewing the proposal. Also, regular status reports on the project will be provided by the organization to funder for the duration of the funding.

B Sri Ram Murty

Aug. 31, 2013

Contact Us: csr@india.vibha.org

Organisation Information

Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT)


80G Number: No. Tech.III/130/CIT-1/VSP 2005-06 dated 13.07.2006.

35AC Number: N.A.

FCRA Number: 10350014

Financial Information

Number of paid staff: 89

Annual Budget: Rs.26,792,000

Key Corporate Funders for last 3 years: Synergies Castings Limited, Visakhapatnam Microsoft, Hyderabad Government Indian Council for Agriculture Research, New Delhi National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, Hyderabad Power grid Corporation, Visakhapatnam

Key Foundation Funders for last 3 years: Cognizant Foundation, Chennai.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To transform the villages of Visakhapatnam district in to models of learning in a manner that all people, physically challenged and able bodied are gainfully employed. Also to cause substantive improvements in the state of literacy, health and economic sustenance. Finally to harness not just natural resources but also human resources through leadership and motivation.
Mission: To promote continuous self-improvement in the quality of lives of the villagers by generating their own leadership in solving their problems and by creating opportunities at their door steps for utilizing their resources most efficiently.

Focus Areas

  • Education
  • Health
  • Livelihood
  • Disaster Relief
  • Overall Community Development
  • Disability
  • Environment

Geographic Location of Operations

Rural Based Projects

State District Number of Villages
Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam 126

Urban Based Projects

No Urban Locations

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Contact Us: csr@india.vibha.org