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One time grant for Hearing Aids - New Project


Deaf children with profound hearing loss, more often than not, are recommended a cochlear implant. Prior to implantation, the child has to undergo training in learning to listen with whatever residual hearing she/he may have, with the help of hearing aids. This training could extend up to 6 months, sometimes longer if the parents have not been able to collect sufficient funds for the implant. AURED loans hearing aid to these children so that they do not have the additional expense of buying


Hearing aids for the bank have to be amongst the top end so that a child has every opportunity to maximize her/his hearing for two reasons.1) To determine that the child actually needs an implant. 2) To prepare a child to 'listen' prior to the implant, so that the brain learns to process sound.
Trials on each child is done with at least 2-3 different models, to ensure that the ones that maximize hearing, are selected.

Geographic Location

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Financial Information

Funding Duration: April 2014 to March 2015
Total Budget: Rs.240,000
Funding Requested: Rs.240,000

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Expected Achievement

This process helps with the selection of hearing aids even for those children who do not require an implant.
Will help parents avoid unnecessary expense of purchasing hearing aids, which will be of no use to them, post implant.


I certify that the information in this proposal is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also certify that the organization and I will abide by the terms and conditions of the grant/fund as established by granter/funder. I further certify that all received funds/grants will be used exclusively for the purpose stated in this proposal unless I normally request and receive prior authorization from funder for any changes. Further, I understand that if the funding is granted for the project described above it will be for an initial period of ONE year and can be extended, if necessary, by renewing the proposal. Also, regular status reports on the project will be provided by the organization to funder for the duration of the funding.

Latha Dilip

MSW Trustee
Sept. 10, 2013

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The AURED Charitable Trust


80G Number: 80G/354/2007/2007-08

35AC Number: N.A.

FCRA Number: 83780527

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Number of paid staff: 21

Annual Budget: Rs.6,129,529

Key Corporate Funders for last 3 years: TATA Capital Yardi Pvt Ltd Amar Plantations

Key Foundation Funders for last 3 years: Concern India Foundation

Vision and Mission

We believe it is the right of every child with hearing impairment to communicate in spoken language.

Our goal is to integrate children with hearing impairment, to become independent, participating and contributing citizens in mainstream society.

Our mission is 'Reduction of Disability'

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  • Disability

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